Legoland - Miniland wall Miniland at Legoland is beyond cool. The detail and craft of the scenes is just astounding. Plus, it's like, millions of Lego pieces. We liked that this wall is "damaged."
Legoland - Miniland Swiss locks Tim and I watched these working(!) locks for a good ten minutes. The boat actually moves through them to a little harbor at the top.
Legoland - Miniland bus All the Miniland scenes have cool little cars and trucks driving around on a magnetic track so they look like they're moving under their own power. (The magnets are not made of Lego.)
Legoland - Miniland Denmark docks Yes, boats, dock, cargo containers—all made of Lego!
Legoland - Miniland nuclear power plant You can't see them, but there were little mutated animals eating the grass around the cooling tower.
Legoland - Miniland France Palace d'Coures Lego French Palace d'Coures. Awesome.
Legoland - Miniland French bistro This model of a French bistro is so accurate, the waiters were even rude!
Legoland - Miniland model being repaired Some park employee going about the tedious business of fixing a Miniland model. Looks like fun!
Legoland - Miniland Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh (pronounced "Edden-burruh") Castle (pronounced "cassell"), rendered in Lego. Just like the real thing—only smaller! (I've seen the real castle in person, and I honestly can't decide which one is cooler.)
Legoland - Miniland Scottish castle ruins I thought this was the castle where they shot the French scenes in Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. But it's not. It's the castle by Loch Ness. It is made of Lego though.
Legoland - Miniland Scottish castle & helicopter Back by the dam, there's a helicopter rescuing a kayaker. (What a coincidence that we'd be standing right there when the rescue took place!) Those are sheep in the foreground.
Legoland - Miniland Scottish terrain Check out that shrubbery. (I'm not being facetious: the grass was quite pretty.)
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