Thames-front sculpture The other side of this sculpture, which sits on the Thames riverfront in front of the Design Museum, is a cool disassembling face. This side features a quote from London-born Leonardo da Vinci: "Though human genius in its various inventions with various instruments may answer the same end, it will never find an invention more beautiful or more simple or direct than nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing superfluous."
Thames-front apartments I don't know how much these flats cost, but I'm sure very rich people live in them.
Tim & Ryan in a teapot One in the "Barely Discernable Portraits of Tim & Ryan" series. Here, we merry gents are reflected in a Richard Sapper tea kettle, on display in the window of the Design Museum store.
orange building near Tate Modern This is just a cool orange apartment building. Or maybe it's an office building. Either way, it's right across the street from the Tate Modern, which I imagine is neat thing to see out of your window.
high-desk design studio This shot didn't come out very well, but the desks in this tiny design studio (in the OXO Tower) are set about 2 meters up the wall. The designers sit on extra-tall, modified Aeron chairs. It looked really fun, but probably a nuisance if you drop your pencil. Incidentally, there are really only two people in the studio--a mirror on the back wall makes it look like there are four.
concrete standing chair A big concrete structure in a public place, designed for private relaxation. Hmm....sounds familiar. (See my online portfolio if you don't know what I'm talking about.)
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