British Museum - face sculpture An eery, but peaceful, sculpture outside the British Museum.
British Museum - Grand Court 01 In 2000, the new Great Court in the British Museum opened. Previously, this was all an open, outdoor courtyard with the rotunda in the center. A few years ago, the Queen commissioned the rotunda to be refurbished and the courtyard enclosed. The ceiling is a huge curving glass structure, so it lets sunlight in.
British Museum - Grand Court 02 Another angle on the Great Court. I wasn't too impressed with the museum itself, but this space sure is nice, and the people at the info desk seemed to like it.
British Museum - body necklace I should have taken a picture of the plaque for this piece of jewelry because now I forget where it came from. I think it's European, and several centuries old. Anyway, I thought it was a neat idea for what is basically a necklace. Apparently, this style of jewelry was fairly common in its time (whenever that was). Kinda sexy too.
British Museum - Lindow Man The reason I came to the British Museum: on the advice of my friend Elaine, I came to check out Lindow Man, a corpse found preserved in a peat-bog near Manchester. Of course, Lindow Man was one of the (surprisingly many) seemingly out-of-service exhibits. His display case was pushed over to the side of one of the galleries, only one display light worked, and the case itself had no labels. Kinda sad. Anyway, here he is in all his grossness.
No Entry sign My last picture from London. I liked how emphatic the guy is about not entering here. Why is his hand black? Viva The Smoke!
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