2002-06-12-02 This is our hotel room in London: the Best Western Paddington Court Hotel & Suites, room 207, on Devonshire Terrace in Paddington. Picturesque, no? Small, yes? Oui! (Actually, as London hotel rooms go, it's not so bad.)
2002-06-12-03 During our bus ride on the first day, we stopped at a traffic light. One of these construction workers motioned to our tour guide that the sewer being worked on should be part of the tour. So I took a picture.
2002-06-12-04 Robin kept getting freaked out (rightfully so) by how close our tour bus was getting to various vehicles in front of and beside it. It's hard to tell from this picture, but our bus is, at most, 6 inches away from the bus in front.
2002-06-12-05 This is famous Trafalgar Square—you know, with all the pigeons. There seemed to be an unusually small amount of pigeons this day, though. Lord Nelson—he of one arm, one eye, and much naval fame—stands triumphant on the top of the tower, facing Portsmouth. Wherever that is. And whoever he is.
2002-06-12-06 You can't go on a tour of London without seeing Westminster Abbey. I think they keep the crown jewels there; also, the changing of the guard happens there, and the World Cup was being hosted there. Later, we stopped because they were handing out free Frisbees. I captured the grandeur in this typical London snap (note the Underground sign in the foreground).
2002-06-12-07 Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the Clock Tower. Only the latter is pictured here. Feel smart by telling your friends "Big Ben isn't the clock, dumb-ass: it's the bell!" They'll think you're quite the anglophile and, if you're lucky, when they start beating on you it won't hurt much.
2002-06-12-10 Josh took us to the Soho Club, a trendy night-spot in London. This picture was taken after Robin had a margarita (quixotically, served in a martini glass), but before we had the mugs (pitchers) of Zombies and Lynchburg Lemonades. I believe Robin was waxing philosophical about how she "could stay [there, at the club] for hours."
2002-06-13-01 Look! In London, Apple runs an upscale women's clothing boutique on King's Road.
2002-06-13-02 Pigeons!
2002-06-13-04 Robin really liked this perfect sunflower in this blue vase, which was decorating our table at Pizza Express, an upscale pizzeria. That's Josh and his stylish black shirt in the background.
2002-06-13-06 Here's Josh (finally!) sitting in his nice open-workspace desk at Sainsbury's headquarters on Holden Place. There's nothing on his desk because Sainsbury's has a "clean-desk" policy—no crap in your cube after work!
2002-06-13-09 Josh's floor at Sainsbury's has a nifty corner where you can look out onto Holden Circle. Robin is standing in it.
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