2002-06-14-01 It's surprisingly easy to find Union Jack flags and other fun Great Britain merchandise, um...everywhere. This shop is one of many in the fairs of Covent Garden.
2002-06-14-02 White Lion! They rock! I hope they play "Little Fighter!" (White Lion is an obscure 80s hair-metal band.)
2002-06-15-01 The World Cup was going on while we were in London. England was playing Denmark this day. And what do legions of English football fans do on the day of the big game? Why, go to a recreation of a bar from an American TV show, of course!
2002-06-15-02 There are several adverts in England that I just do not understand. Like this one.
2002-06-15-03 England won the big match, 3-nil. It's apparently tradition to go jump about madly in the fountains of Trafalgar Square when England wins. So that's what these folks are doing.
2002-06-15-04 More Englanders in the water under Nelson's Column.
2002-06-15-05 The best, albeit blurriest, picture of the footie-mad throng.
2002-06-15-06 Another picture of the mass of happy people. In the foreground is an annoying woman from Louisiana on our tour bus who claimed, "we've got this sort of thing back at LSU!" Whatever.
2002-06-15-07 Red Lion! They rock!...No, wait.
2002-06-15-08 One more of "Big Ben"—mostly because it was there. It just begs to be photographed.
2002-06-15-09 St. Paul's Cathedral: Grand. Stately. Really dirty.
2002-06-15-11 In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, but equally important groups: the high-tech, talking Pontiac Firebird called KITT, and the court where the offenders are prosecuted. These are their stories. Bum bum!
2002-06-15-12 HSBC—a bank in England—had these funky "gates" in the courtyard between St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge. We stood in them.
2002-06-15-13 In honor of the Queen's political birthday (the first or second Saturday in June; her actual birthday is earlier in the month), a bunch of people in period attire got together on the banks of Thames in front of the Tate Modern to make merry by dancing, playing instruments, and so on.
2002-06-15-16 To these jolly fellows, clearly there is much ado about something.
2002-06-15-17 The Tate Modern—an art museum—used to be a power plant. Photographing towers and smokestacks with the sun just behind them is always nice for a dramatic touch, don't you think? And they make good closing photos too.
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