The Orphaned Snowmen
This poor ceramic tchotchke was left on my desk by persons unknown. Is it yours?

To flush out the perpetrator of this interdeskular infringement, I'm going to be periodically submitting the Orphaned Snowmen to heinous acts until I get some answers dammit!

Day 1
This thing seems harmless enough. I wonder whose it is?

Day 2
Space Ghost is not happy about having other "toys" in my cube.

Day 3
See, I'm not messing around here.

Day 4
It's time to get medieval on this thing's ass.

Day 5
There ain't no Lone Ranger to save you this time, boys.

Day 6
How's the water?

Day 7

Day 8
Crap! The wily little bugger made his escape when I left work last night. This was the last I saw of him, as he scampered off toward the East Bay. He's faster than he looks!

Day 9, part 1
The whereabouts of the snowmen are still unknown. But, based on my calculations, using the average land speed of ceramic sculpture, I have determined that they are likely within a 25-mile radius of the Yahoo! campus. Given their last known vector, I assume they are somewhere in the Fremont or Hayward area.

Day 9, part 2
Apparently, the snowmen don't bear any grudge against me. In fact, it seems they miss me as much as I miss them (as much as I hate to admit it). (Image courtesy of the snowmen.)

Day 10
Well, the snowmen thought they tricked me by making it look like they had escaped. But as this Yahoo! security camera picture shows, the little bastards are still right here on campus! In somebody's cube no less! So keep an eye out for them. If you spot them in your cube, do not approach them directly—instead, take a picture and send it to me so I know where to find them. It's best to let the experts handle this.