Windsor station signage This is the shop directory at the Windsor train station. Real metal, real wood—as signs should be.
Free Designer sign Apparently, in England, designers are really cheap. In fact, there are some 14 pages of designers and design firms listed in the Greater London business phone book—how cool is that?
Windsor alley A quaint alley in Windsor.
Legoland - restroom-bound Lego people This is the first picture I took at Legoland Windsor. These guys cracked us up: they're on their way to the loo!
Legoland - dinosaur Lots of cool things right inside Legoland: "Max Headroom." Birds nesting on the dinosaur's neck. Baby dinosaurs walking around in their eggs. Oh, and a huge dinosaur made of Lego!
Legoland - Jumboeing The nose of a Beoing 737 made out of Legos.
Legoland - Jumboeing detail Yes, the entire 737 nose is made of Legos—this is a close-up of the fly honey on the side.
Legoland - Jumboeing cockpit We were experiencing a little turbulance when I took this picture of the 737's cockpit. It is all made of Lego (except the tv screens).
Legoland - Lego Lichtenstein My favorite painting ("Wham" by Roy Lichtenstein), rendered in Lego!
Legoland - modeler workshop These guys have the coolest job in the world. The silver hoses are vacuums for sucking up the spare pieces that fall on the floor. The bins on the walls contain every sort of canonical Lego brick. Seriously, the coolest job in the world.
Legoland - restroom signs The funniest thing at Legoland: the restroom signs. The baby cracks me up.
Legoland - Technic T-rex This is a big T-Rex that looks like it's made of Technic pieces, but is actually built with little Lego bricks. Sweet.
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