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As a professional designer, I seek to:
  • Work within a collaborative, tightly-knit, and dedicated design team
  • Create useful, usable, and desirable designs that satisfy the goals of the people who interact with them as well as those of the organization that produces them
  • Contribute to the development of products and services that aim to make things easier for people, even if only in small, subtle, or indirect ways
Senior Human Interface Designer (Summer 2005 – current)
Conceptual, interaction, and visual design for Apple's suite of Professional Applications, including Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Motion
Senior UI Designer (Spring 2004 – Summer 2005)
  • Primary designer for My eBay, responsible for conceptual and interaction design of new features and upgrades to My eBay and many other areas of the eBay site
  • Collaborated closely with product managers, visual designers, user experience researchers, content (site text) writers, and developers
Interaction Designer (Summer 2002 – Spring 2004)
  • Senior designer for consumer version of Yahoo! Messenger and related products; responsible for generation, development, and implementation of designs for new features and product improvements
  • Collaborated with user research, visual design, engineering, marketing, and executive management throughout all stages and at all levels of development process
  • Utilized concept maps, interaction flow diagrams, schematic illustrations, visual mockups, prototypes, and written specifications to communicate design concepts and solutions
  • Lead designer for high-visibility project with major international corporate partner
Principal Design Consultant (Winter 1997 – Summer 2002)
To learn more about my role at Cooper, please read this summary.
  • Designed product interfaces for a variety of platforms including desktop, web, handheld devices, telematics, and client-server systems
  • Worked with Fortune 500, start-up, and mid-size clients in high-tech, consumer, and industrial markets
  • Collaborated closely with teammates to generate and develop designs from high conceptual level to low implementation level, using pioneering persona- and scenario-based research and design methodology
  • Ultimately responsible for creating deliverables that told the story of the finished design through detailed writing and illustration
Supervising Designer (Fall 2000 – Spring 2001)
  • Managed multiple design teams and helped ensure the designs produced met internal quality standards and client needs
  • Responsible for training and development of design and collaborative working skills of staff designers
Projects include:
- GettyGuide handheld museum information and wayfinding device
- Java application development environment
- Online stock trading software
- DSL self-installation instructional guide
- Production and distribution planning software
- Internet-enabled car audio system
- Handheld airport wayfinding concept
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, 1997
Carnegie Mellon University
  • Product and interface architecture and design specification
  • Qualitative, ethnographic research and persona creation
  • Scenario-based interface development
  • Wireframe and flow diagram generation
  • Sketching, conceptualization drawing, rendering
  • Client coordination, project management
  • Technical, descriptive, and narrative writing
  • Document layout and production, graphic design
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker; Microsoft Office; HTML, CSS, remedial JavaScript; Windows and Macintosh
  • Former editor, copyeditor - Boxes And Arrows
  • Guitar and bass, etymology and language, hiking, Futurama, space and science, film and animation